Delivery, Payment, Discounts

Our store is located at the address:
Russia, Perm, Petropavlovskaya str., 
If you have any questions please contact us:

Order Processing

Orders are processed within 1-2 business days (as soon as possible). 
For wholesale chipboard orders the time for production is from 2 days, depending on the order amount.


• We accept payments via Paypal for international orders. After placing an order please wait for an email from our manager with final discounts and payment information. 


One-time discounts:

• Orders from 3000 
rubles - 3%
• Orders from 7000 rubles - 5%
• Orders from 12000 rubles - 7%

Cumulative Discount (when a certain amount of paid orders is reached):

• 4000 rubles - 3%
• 7000 rubles - 5%
• 12000 rubles - 7%

A higher cumulative discount begins to take effect from the next order.

Wholesale Discounts

Discounts for wholesale orders for chipboard: from 2000 rubles - 10%, from 4000 rubles - 15%, from 6000 rubles - 20%, from 8000 rubles - 25%, from 10000 - 30%, from 12000 rubles - 35%, from 16000 rubles - 40%, from 18000 rubles - 45%, from 20,000 rubles - 50%. The discount is calculated by the manager after placing the order.

Summing Up Discounts

All possible discounts are summed up, but the total discount cannot exceed 7% (except for wholesale orders). Cumulative and one-time discounts do not apply to products for which the discount passes through the promotion. The discount does not apply to the cost of delivery, except for special promotions. 

Orders Delivery

International orders are delivered via Russian Post at the current terms and rates for international parcels.  

Order Cancellation:

If the goods are removed from the paid order or if the entire order is canceled, you can order another product for the same amount, or completely return the entire amount with the help of our manager by writing a letter to